Different Perspectives on Artificial Light

Although the human eye is not capable of distinguishing between different types of light, it has a remarkable ability to perceive slight differences in color between illuminated objects. However, the color rendering properties of light has a significant effect upon human psychology because it can cause color perception to change in a variety of ways. Therefore the selection of appropriate light sources is a very important point to be considered when designing lighting.

Incandescent Lamp

gentle and warm atmosphere

Fluorescent Lamp

calm relaxing

Color Effects of a Variety of Light Sources

Type of Light Source

Radiant Color of Lamp

Color Change in Natural Objects

Effect on Atmosphere

Color Emphasized

Color Perceived as Dark

Incandescent Lamp

Yellow Red White

Red tinge


Red Orange


Daylight Fluorescent Lamp

Blue White

Slight bluish tinge


Green Blue

Red Orange

Cool White Fluorescent Lamp

Cool White

Slight yellowish tinge

Moderate warmth

Orange Blue


high-color rendering Fluorescent Lamp

Cool White


Moderate warmth

All colors

No change

Mercury Lamp

Green White

White tinged with green

Coolness with a green tinge

Yellow Green Blue

Red Orange

Metal Halide Lamp



Moderate warmth

Yellow Green Blue


Sodium Vapor Lamp


Yellowish tinge

Dark tinged with yellow


All colors but yellow

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