LED High Bay Fixtures

NEC develops high color rendering products which apply various areas and situations to be installed.

Advantage1: Reduced Glare

NEC succeeded to reduce the glare by use of densely mounted small LED chips and optical acrylic covers for light emissions.

Advantage 2 : High Consistent Color Rendering(CCR)

High CCR fixture creates the adequate work environment where vivid appearance level is most prioritized like exhibition hall, painting factory, visual check process etc.

Advantage 3: High Energy Efficiency

More than 70% energy reduction can be done by the replacement with LED fixture from Mercury fixture. This advantage brings early cost recovery.

Advantage 4: Quick lighting up

While Mercury fixture needs the long interval for lighting up, frequent lighting off tend to be hesitated in many cases. This is also one of the reason why the electricity charge mounts up. LED fixture solves this inconvenience by lighting up in a moment and brings substantial energy saving to you.

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